About Us

Estemedi is a free advisory service that meets you with institutions and medical specialists experienced in their fields for your aesthetic and medical needs. We help you to choose the most appropriate centre among healthcare organizations in our continuously expanding network for the treatment that you need in many areas of health such as aesthetics, eye health, transplantation of hair, dental aesthetics and treatment, the treatment of infertility, orthopaedics, cardiac and vascular...


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Estemedi, with its continuously expanding network, offers you the best hospitals and doctors for your treatment.

You travel to another country for your treatment and you think you need to know your doctor well and you have to ask him questions? Thank to the interactive communication tools of Estemedi, you can talk with a health centre and a doctor when you are already at home and you can support your questions with visual and sound elements.

Estemedi never leaves you alone during all phases of your journey of health. For booking tickets and accommodation you can take advantage of our free consultation service. Our professional team assists you starting from the airport, the transportation to hospital, the appointment with your doctor and they are with you during all transfers before and after surgery. Our team that aims to make you feel like at home during the treatment process and regeneration offers the consultation services between the hospital and your doctor to remove quickly and easily if a distress possible happens. Our team specially educated in patient rights and satisfaction, oversees all priorities for you to leave Turkey happily. When your treatment is finished and it is time to return, our team will guide you to the airport.

When you return to your country, you will always be supported by Estemedi, your biggest supporter in Turkey. You will always find Estemedi with you when you need to prolong your communication with your hospital or doctor, for the necessary answers, for your questions and problems.

Estemedi offers a better understanding of Turkey and the city you visit during your travel of health. If you want, you can participate in tours of the city whose content and duration are organized according to your specifications with options for good prices.

With our tours, you will convert your renewal process to an enjoyable voyage and you will have a unique and memorable experience.