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10 Tips for strong bones

Bones are the most essential part of our body, the stronger they are the healthier and fitter your life will be. So with a daily intake of calcium through your diet there are many other things you can do to improve your bone health. Here are the top 10 things you can do to improve bone health.

- Dark green leafy vegetables, broccoli, dairy products are excellent in Vitamin D, and works wonders for bones.

- Garlic and onions are good sources of sulphur, enjoy them.

- Avoid aerated drinks. Remember the ad where teeth placed in coke dissolved overnight? Trust us its true. Phosphorus causes the body to excrete calcium.

- Avoid high-protein animal foods in large portions, it causes the calcium to be excreted from your body.

- Lower your cups of coffee and tea; rather, have a glass of milk. It is rich in calcium, and other bone-boosting minerals like vit D, protein, phosphorus and potassium.

- Incorporate some type of exercise daily. Dancing, taking the stairs, running, jogging, and weight bearing exercises are good for your bones.

- Add supplements to your diet if you aren't getting enough from your meals and snacks. It is always appropriate to consult with your doctor before adding supplements or herbs.

- You are never old to play a sport. Football, basketball, badminton all increase muscle mass while aiding better bone health. (Start young though, it will just diminish the chances ofosteoporosis!)

- Add bone-building herbs to your diet. Alfalfa, barley grass, dandelion root, nettle, parsley and rose hips are a few.

- Be a early riser, exposing oneself to the morning sun for at least 15 minutes boosts vitamin D levels in the body.

- Smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol is associated with decreased bone mass. Avoid them.